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Little Things.

Well, Lucas's arrival is about six weeks away. Kristen ordered the breeder-recommended litter box, scratching post and some other basic things and they showed up this morning in a huge box on our doorstep. O_O The sisal rope scratching post smells very strange.

My younger brother's fiancee is going to be in Missouri for the next two weeks, and he's been trying to keep an eye on her cats. Tonight Kristen and I went with him to check on them--we wanted to play with the kitties! We actually managed to get some affection from the little girl, but the older boy (the one we tried to adopt) seemed kind of aloof....I really wish they'd take him to the vet. Our mother was with us, and the visit managed to warm her up to the eventuality of having a cat in our house. Also, I'm not allergic. Huzzah!

I wish I could've done more for them. I wish their owner wouldn't leave them alone for so long. My mother's promised to check on them again tomorrow while my brother's working, but I'm going to try to visit them again this weekend.

At least the visit made me feel less nervous about the new kitten, and more excited. Animals are so sweet. If ten years from now I don't have children, I'd like to foster shelter kittens. Ah, me and my idealistic dreams.


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Jun. 16th, 2007 05:17 am (UTC)
That sounds like a nice job. I think animals are great for people (like myself and I'm sure many others) who suffer with social anxiety but at the same time want to connect with and express love for living things.
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