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Reading and more reading.

I finished with Touma no Shinzou tonight. It took me a while but it was a long book! It wasn't as easy a read as Barbara Ikai and the ending came as a rush, but all and all I liked it very much. It could have gone on for longer as far as I'm concerned! The art style and time period is similiar to Po no Ichizoku but the story is more subtle and mature. It's one of those manga you can read over and over again....another day!

There was a minor character whose name I can't remember that looked exactly like Jeff from Mother 2. He had quite a different look from the characters, bowl-cut, opaque glasses and all. I wonder if Itoi did that on purpose..eh heh heh. Well, he did admit that Jeff's boarding school friend Tony was supposed to be gay. Then, does Tony=Touma? Hmmm....

Next I'll go back to Marginal. Now there's a drastically different title for you. :D

I've been slower with reading manga because I've been spending my time reading books in my mother tongue. XD Yeah, I'm worried that my Japanese ability will suffer, but I have to be realistic. Sometimes I really want to read books in English. Last month, I picked up a copy of The Grey Fairy Book. Like The Red Fairy Book there are several repetitive tales interspersed with three or four stand-outs that are really unique and strange. I don't know if I'm going to jump to buy any more Fairy Books any time soon. It's not that I don't enjoy reading them--I just think all this repetition is starting to rot my brain.

I've also been reading through a copy of George Macdonald's The Complete Fairy Tales. I'm up to "The Carasoyn." All of the stories so far have featured weird and beautiful imagery that I haven't seen before with any other author. My only complaint is that a few of them have abrupt endings. It makes me think that as a budding writer I'm way too hard on myself!