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Glowing Rose.

Ah, the flower of hope. This is the first Oriental poppy we put in the ground that actually bloomed! Most garden catalogs insist that you plant them in the fall with peonies, but we found this one here at our local nursery last week. I'm praying it'll come back next year! I love Oriental poppies. I love all poppies. I wonder if southern New England is just no good for them?

What we are good for is...this.

This photo cannot begin to depict what an overgrown freak our two year old clematis "Haku Ookan" has become. It's literally strangling all the columbine around it. I think it's pretty amazing, because the first year some creature bit through the vine at the base and apparently killed it. We aren't great at gardening but we have the most awesome clematis in the world growing in our front yard!

We had a lot of storms today. Supposedly it's going to be raining until next Tuesday. I guess it's good for the lawn but I hate thunderstorms. I think I might be getting a little better at dealing with them, though. This time I hid in the basement bathroom (no windows!) and read some of Andre Brink's Imaginings of Sand, which is a great and disturbing book about an Afrikaaner expatriate returning to South Africa during the end of apartheid to care for her ailing grandmother. It has all sorts of fantastical elements about it but it deals with a very difficult time in history. And yes, it is for adults. =_=

I can't decide if I'm going to play anything tonight. I figure that the longer I don't feel like it the better, because it saves on electricity.


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Jun. 2nd, 2007 07:11 am (UTC)
I love poppies so much the mere sight of them makes me happy and determined.
Jun. 2nd, 2007 05:57 pm (UTC)
I love them too! I heard that in some places you can see fields of them, but not around my area. One of these days I'm going to learn the secret of growing poppies...either that or I need to start traveling.

I'd love to see a Himalayan poppy (they're blue!) but I think they only grow in Alaska, or something.
Jun. 6th, 2007 11:33 am (UTC)
I can see fields of poppies near my city here, and in small patches of grass in Japan.

I like the normal, red one ^^
Jun. 8th, 2007 02:07 am (UTC)
I think the red ones that grow in fields are called field poppies or shirley poppies. I've been thinking of growing either those or Iceland poppies from seed in quantity next year. I'm giving up on the Oriental ones! They only bloom for two weeks and then they die. =_=
Jun. 11th, 2007 07:21 am (UTC)

Is it possible to grow field poppies? I always thought they grow naturally, specially in abandoned lands. That's what I love about them, aside from their intense red colour. They only bloom during May and June, and I am always happy to see them spread around train tracks.
Jun. 11th, 2007 07:39 pm (UTC)
In my state, it's too hot in the summer for them to grow year-round as wildflowers. I think that if you go a little more north they do grow naturally in fields and reseed themselves every year. They sell field poppy seeds at garden shops and I guess you can create your own meadow with them. ^^

I'd love to visit a place that's cool enough for them to come back every year. I'm thinking of mixing the seeds with sand and just throwing them everywhere I can. I tried that with columbine and flowering tobacco and it worked!
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 8th, 2007 02:08 am (UTC)
Thank you, I'm glad! ^_^ As soon as we get more bloomage I'll post more pictures. I'm really waiting on that mountain laurel.
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