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Hey everyone ^___^! Kristen and I received surprise (?) packages in the mail today from Minako. I hadn't expected to see this stuff on a day like today!

Here's Fuuka in a weird pink Volks wig:

And here's Anise's new look:

I don't know why those eyes look yellow, they're actually Zoukei-mura gold-brown B! My camera is showing its faults again!

I love the pearl-silver wig I bought for Anise. The style is so cute! ^_^ I tried the pink wig on Maya, and it looked a little funny. I think she'd need a different eye color to pull it off, maybe gray?

I love Zoukei-mura eyes! I just got these because Minako had them in stock, but the 18mm size is much more appropriate than the 18mm Tallina's eyes. It seems that Tallina's eyes run a half-size bigger. Hmm....