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Up and Down.

The temperature, that is. I hardly seem to notice anything else. ^o^

I finished Ys IV two weeks ago but I haven't written my review yet. I don't know what to say, I've been too lazy! I'm not sure if it's because of the wonky temperature changes or not, but a few patches of eczema have popped up on my neck and hands and they have been driving me crazy. I haven't had an outbreak in years...I'm really annoyed. The patch on my hand has been fading because Kristen's been washing the dishes every day. The ones on my neck....ugh. I wore a shirt with a crew neck yesterday and it irritated the hell out of it. Now I'm irritated. I hate having sensitive skin!

Amazon.com was having a 3 for 4 promotion for all books under $10, and I bought some more kiddy literature. I just finished reading A Little Princess last night. It's a classic I never read when I was younger....and I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't like it at all. It was well-written, but the main character and the morals that permeated the story were, in my opinion, kind of grotesque. I felt that the story insinuated that the only injustices were the ones committed against Sara, a girl who was born into money and destined to be a "princess." Once a princess, always a princess...while characters like Becky, Ermengarde and the little girl on the street are more like tamed animals, Princess Sara's pets. And they're perfectly happy to be that way! I don't know it there was supposed to be a parallel between Sara and Marie Antoinette, but really! I'll go back to my Oz books, where instead of being encouraged to act like princesses throwing bread at peasants readers are encouraged to act like sturdy farm girls. :p

I liked The Secret Garden, though...