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Horrible. Horrible. HORRIBLE!

I've suffered through a horrible, god-awful past couple of days. I'm not even sure I can talk about it because I might jinx things into getting worse. I think that if I can last a week without anything else happening I'll be okay. Maybe this is the kind of thing that people laugh about but I still don't feel safe. I wish I could stay in a hotel for the next few days....

Okay, out with it. Sunday night it rained, and some THING either came down from the attic or up through the foundation and got stuck in my bedroom wall. I think it was a bird that tried to hide from the rain in the attic and couldn't find its way out after dark. Whatever it was, it was in the wall next to my bed freaking out and making a horrible racket from 10pm on Sunday night to 2pm Monday afternoon, after which it fell silent. It seemed to be moving up higher with each outburst, so I can only hope it found its way out once the sun came up. It probably died, though. It's been 30 hours since I've heard from it now....

We've had problems with starlings in our attic for years. I thought that since we got the roof repaired things would be all right, but about once a year during bad weather one gets lost in the attic and all hell breaks loose. I think we need to put smaller screens over the grates. We'll have to do that this weekend.

I feel bad for whatever it was but I'm still shaking from this, sissy that I am. On Sunday night I had to sleep in an armchair. O_O If I hear any more scraping or thrashing from my wall I swear I'm going to run out of the house and never come back. I am officially bird-phobic. This morning I heard the birds doing their lovely chirping and I thought, "They're coming into the house again!"

If a week passes and I still hear nothing, I'll be fine. Right now everything's quiet, but my stomach is wrecked from anxiety. ^_^;...

And to top things off, I stuck my hand into the refrigerator this morning to pull out the lemons and spiked my hand on an artichoke. It drew blood!