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My Clumsiness.

And what have I been up to lately? Not much, because I injured myself yet again and couldn't knit or type for three days. I was tearing open a foil-wrapped tea bag and somehow I managed to cut the tip of my index finger WITH MY OWN THUMBNAIL deep enough to spew out lots of blood. I don't even have long fingernails, but I've been using a lot of lotion on my hands lately and they've been slippery. Go figure!

So now my clumsiness is legendary. I bump my elbow into something at least twice a day and am always giving myself papercuts. It's probably because I live in close quarters with a lot of people and their stuff, and I tend to bounce around when I do chores. Next time I hurt myself, I'm not going to tell anyone. Even if I fall down the stairs. =_=

I finished Nocturne last weekend. I'll write up a review tomorrow. It was a truly great game and I miss it already! I went for the Maniacs Only ending and found Old Scratch to be surprisingly easy. I really thought I was going to die, too...:D

I tried playing Ys VI again. I couldn't do it. That game is mediocre at best, and to play that right after Nocturne....it's not that bad but the story is weak and the voice acting is god-awful. And I'm talking about the Japanese voice-acting, here! I have no idea what the English voices sound like, but in the Japanese version at least 90 percent of the male characters are played by the guy who was Hisoka in HunterxHunter. I'm not kidding. I've never heard anything like it in my life!

So I quit for now and picked up Ys IV Mask of the Sun: A New Theory. I know it received middling reviews (like all Ys games, mind you) but I've been playing for two hours and...I like it. The graphics aren't great, but the story seems decent so far and the voice-acting is much, much better than in Ark of Napishtim. This from a game published by Taito? Huh? The character art is ugly, but I approve of changing Eldiel's hair color from blond to blue. Blue hair is hot!

I'm not sure what I'll think of it in the end, but as long as it doesn't contain the wretched Olha and Isha....

I may be able to knit again.