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In the latest update on the BAROQUE official page Sting revealed that the game will in fact be voiced. They put up voice samples for all the major characters in their profiles....and they aren't bad, they're FRIGGING HORRIBLE.

It looks like they reused a few seiyuu from Riviera. I know I shouldn't be angry because BAROQUE is a niche game and there's no way it'd have a budget for good voice acting but...Alice is the worst. I'll just have to cope. ::cackles:: Why won't they post a release date for this game, anyway? I'm assuming it'll come out in the summer or fall. This is the only game I've been paying attention to lately regardless of the new consoles, which is a good thing because I just had to replace my Japanese PS2...;_; I got a slimline Ceramic White model from National Console Support. I'm glad they still had a few, I'd hate it if I had to order one from overseas and ended up being charged duty.

I'm trying to find out if Heroes of Mana is as bad as the recent Seiken Densetsu games but as of lately I can't seem to find any concrete information about story or characters in import RPGs on Gamefaqs. I don't know if it's because no one who imported the game can read Japanese, or they just care about gameplay...but if Amazon.com of Japan is any indication, no Japanese players have bought the game. ^_^;...I hope that there's a way I can find out if certain games have a lousy story or characters without having to buy it myself. Are people really that afraid to post spoilers?

I'm way at the end of Nocturne; I just finished the Amara Deep Zone. I'm really going to finish this game, I'm really going to finish a game, bwah hah!

I've also been knitting a little oddity out of KidSilk Haze and reading The Red Fairy Book. I'm always on the lookout for books on folklore, fairy tales and mythology but in this book there are at least three versions of the same story. ^^;