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More about Maya ^____^.

I'd like to gush on some more. But I have to wonder how Frank managed to end up with an extra Aya--did someone cancel her? Now he has a new preorder list up, and Mimi is on it, but I'm not going to order her. Obviously, I'm can't...but the funny thing is, I'm not disappointed in the least. Now that we have an anime-style SD and one with more realistic features, I don't feel like we're lacking in anything. I think that if Volks ever does a standard release of Ken and Mika, I might want Ken, but other than that....nothing.

I tried some wigs on Maya. She looks awful in Fuuka's default wig, but the blonde flip wig looked nice. I think that a doll with such a round face would need soft, layered hair. I bet one of those long curl wigs would be nice! I've seen one or two Ayas with waffle wigs, and they don't suit her at all. I was worried that she wouldn't be able to wear any wigs with bangs, but as long as the bangs are feathered they look fine.

I can't tell if her eyes are 18 or 20mm, but Kristen says they're probably 20mm. Even if they aren't, I'm sure 20mm will fit fine. She's such a cutie!</p>


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Feb. 6th, 2003 10:48 pm (UTC)
This is Jujube (^ ^;;;
Lauren XD

Congratulations for this cute cute Aya! (^ ^)

My friend got Aya too and she was
complaining about her ears (^ ^;;;
I think some how she got a boyish ears?
But who cares XD she is such a cute girl!
I wonder how she will look on a SD13 body (>o<)

Anyway, about the eyes size,
I've tried zoukeimura's 20mm on my friend's Aya,
she looks nice with them but a bit too big (>.<;;
so I tried the 18mm and it fit nicely,
either zoukeimura or tallina's.

Her default glass eyes is 20mm (In VOLKS sizes =_=;;) ..
that is 18mm in ENGLISH size XP (tallina's size)
*is not making any sense*
Feb. 7th, 2003 09:48 am (UTC)
Re: This is Jujube (^ ^;;;

Hi, Jujube-chan! ^_^ Hmm....I noticed that her ears are a little weird looking, but her hair covers them, so I don't think about them too much ^___^;;....

I can see what you mean. The "Tallina's eyes" that Volks sells run a size smaller. I had thought it would be something like that. Oh well, I do have a pair of Zoukei-mura 18mm glass eyes coming in, in gold-brown B (?). I was planning on using them for my mini SD, but it'll be nice if Maya can wear them too!

Geez, though, Volks sure does like to make things confusing! I should be happy that she came with glass eyes and not glastic, though!

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