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17 Degrees.

Ah, it's fricking freezing today. I went out to get the mail without a coat on and had to wait for three cars to pass before I could go back inside and get warm (our mailbox is across the street). Time to drink lots of tea and knit!

I was going to make a separate entry about Lion's demise, but I felt too lazy. They made him into a hero. He died like a dog in the original game, which greatly dissatisfied me, but I can't help but think that Namco created even more plotholes by having Lion reconcile with the party before he died. How are they going to explain Judas's guilt about betraying Stahn and company in TOD2? Not even the king in Darilsheid is calling Lion a traitor, so how did he earn such a bad reputation in the sequel? Ah, well...at least he looked cute before the waves swept in. And tiny! Maybe he resigned himself to die after his doctor told him he wouldn't grow past 5'3''? Liiioooooooon!!!! ;_; I'm sad to see him go but glad at the same time because in battle he almost killed me.

It's nice that the development team had a better time making legitimate party members out of throw-aways like Mighty Kongman and Chelsea than creating characters from scratch in the most recent Tales games....

Hugo's voice is seriously creeping me out now. I think the guy who plays him is like 100 years old! Well, I can imagine how frightening it must be to hear that voice coming from the sky, so...good job, Namco. Bravo.

A lot of the sub-characters have had make-overs. Look at Ritler! He used to have short green hair and wear a headband, and now he's hot! :O He looks a lot like Jin from Xenosaga in his skit portrait. I'm not sure why they changed his appearance so much. The huge headband look is dated, I guess. I think that what they did to Walt in the remake is pretty funny, too--he looks like Super Mario as a mafioso!

Philia's crazy! Seeing her morph into Dist in a screen chat really took me by surprise. It's weird. In the remake rather than make her into a delicate flower pining for Stahn they made her into an eccentric nut. She's turned into a parody of herself...Ha ha ha...