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Freezing all of a sudden!

Last night it was so cold in my bedroom I thought I was going to die! Sooner or later we're going to have snow. Imagine that...

Well...I just saw the "fake ending." I've been playing for 26 hours. This game is short!

I lost a lot of love for Mary when she walked out on me on Heidelburg Castle. She had been kicking all kinds of ass and I had to replace her with Philia, who isn't nearly as good. I'm glad that they made her side event into a non-skippable story event and let Dalis live but..jeez, couldn't she have waited to do him until after I finished the dungeon!? At least the clock tower wasn't nearly as frustrating as it was in the original game. But I thought the original game sucked, remember?

Also, in the PSX version Igtenos was "dead" in Woodrow's possession the whole time, wasn't he? Having him alive in uh...Graybam(??)'s possession and then "breaking" him in front of the party gave that last scene a stronger climax. I'm pretty sure that didn't happen in the original game, but then again Igtenos had such a weak presence and I can't remember a single line he said. ^_^;...

I like how they changed the scene between Stahn and Lion on the dragon ship (I know, Draconis, but they never used that name in the Japanese version) and brought Rutee into it. Maybe some StahnxLion people would be offended but I think that Lion and Rutee need to connect on some level, considering their relationship. Lion only electrocuted people once or twice during the entire first half of the game! :O In the original version Lion shocking Rutee was pretty much a running gag. After awhile it wasn't funny any more.

As for the "fake ending"....what the heck happened to Dalis? I know he was injured in battle but he did manage to walk away. I guess they just wanted to show a tender scene between Dalis and Mary but it looked like she sexed him to death. Okay, let's assume that he's still alive. Moving on...

Goodbye, Lion, it was fun while it lasted! I love the scene with him whining to Marian about Stahn. Considering that he let Rutee touch him, maybe he didn't want to shake Stahn's hand because he knew he didn't wash his hands after he went to the bathroom?


For some reason, the sight of Johnny rocking out with his lute makes my skin crawl. I really wanted to like him because his first song was pretty. ;_; Unfortunately, I hate him. I'd like to drown him in the stinky water in Aquaveil. You know that place has to be polluted as hell!