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I Heard a Rumor....

...that Sting is doing a remake of BAROQUE for the PS2. If that turns out to be true I'll die from happiness. I would love it if they could incorporate some of the exploratory elements from Riviera and give the game a more defined story. I haven't had the slightest interest in upcoming games for any console. This really is a surprise!

I took three days off from TODr. I was traumatized from that last dungeon. Last night I climbed back on the wagon!

I read somewhere that a lot of famous writers claim that writer's block is just laziness. I don't necessarily agree ....but I think that if you write there are times when you really have to believe that. Sometimes telling yourself to stop being lazy and pick up a pen when you can't think of anything can be empowering; if you take full responsibility for your productivity writer's block seems more like something you can just push away. But is it? I still don't know if it's better to move forward when you're stuck or take a step back and try to do things that rejuvenate you. Right now, forcing myself to write under the pretense of fixing my mistakes with the next draft is working for me. Let's hope it's not just a temporary high!