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New Year's Resolution?

Every year I seem to make the same resolution: Work out consistently. I think I can finally retire that old resolution because last year I worked out a little bit too consistently and lost too much weight. ^_^;...

Off the top of my head I can only think of one resolution: Complete all unfinished knitting projects! I could also resolve to complete all unfinished video games but I think that would take me more than a year. Once I'm done with TODr I'll go back to Soul Hackers. After that I might work on Suikoden V. I'm at the end of VP2 but I can't bring myself to do the last dungeon. I didn't really enjoy that game in the long run, and it was a shame.

I hadn't intended to move past the planning stage of my story last year. Now I'm writing almost every day and even though I can't vouch for the quality I'm glad that I took the first step. I don't think I'll finish the first draft in a year but if I write at least three pages a day I'll make progress!

I haven't done anything doll-related in about 9 months. I have a lot of dolls to paint so why don't I just do it?