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I need more training!

Hmm....my copy of Xenosaga came in the mail today, and I gave it a test play tonight. All I can say is.....I can't understand a potato! ;_; It makes TOD 2 seem like it's for preschoolers. I'm going to need to study for 3 or 4 months before I can even attempt to play it. I guess that's okay...I mean, I had figured that I should get it before it goes out of print, and shelf it until I'm good and ready. It's ridiculous that I have to force myself to learn all this kanji, but by the end of Japanese 202 I only knew 300. Aren't there something like 2,000 kanji in Japanese? I've been teaching myself 18 a week. I barely have enough energy to review grammar at all. It's such a pain. I took one year of Japanese in high school and two in college, and I got straight A-pluses, and it's still not enough! Anything that's helped and stuck with me is what I've taught and re-taught myself over the past 4 months. This is pathetic. Why didn't I start this sooner?

I know that Japanese video games are a weird motivational tool, but whatever works, right? I almost wish I could've done an extra year at Trinity so I could've taken Japanese 301 and 302. Sometimes life ain't fair.


Ha ha hah.....

If I ever go to Japan, people are going to make fun of me because I can only speak in keigo. I need to find a good intermediate grammar textbook, but I don't know where to look. I have one that's okay, but the way it's organized is ridiculous! If you want to look up giving-receiving, you have to look under each individual verb. -_-

I wish I could share Kristen's brain. I seem to be an inferior model in so many ways.

::really hungry::

Aya isn't here yet. I didn't expect her to come today, but I had been hoping that she would. Maybe tomorrow? Probably. ^_^ It still doesn't seem real. It will be when she shows up!

We solved the neosium riddle! I heard that Volks had changed the name of that Zoukei-mura eye color to neodymium. Well....neodymium is some kind of rare metal with a pinkish-purple color. They were selling neodymium light bulbs in a seed catalog. I guess that having that as an eye color is kind of like "strontium blue." So...why was it neosium before? It must have been a typo!


I don't mean to get so worked up about the Japanese thing, but I feel like I've wasted my education. I wish I could have majored in Japanese in college, but the college I went to freshman and sophomore year, besides being for morons, didn't offer and foreign languages beyond intermediate Spanish and French (I already took 4 years of Spanish in high school, so bleh!) I transferred to a better school junior year and took Japanese, but I could only take it through 202 before I had to graduate. Maybe I should have flunked my other subjects on purpose so I could stay back a year? I had already taken a year of Japanese in high school, but the course wasn't very effective. I spit on that college that wouldn't let me in because of my SAT scores! I applied there as a transfer student and turned out to be perfectly capable of doing the work. I had a stinking 3.89 GPA at school number one, that's how easy the courses were! I wanna do college over....waaaaah.....;_;....

See how crabby I can get when I'm hungry? I wish there were leftovers with dinner.