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For Shame....

My copy of Tales of Destiny-PS2 finally showed up today. The thing is that it isn't even the first copy we ordered--Kristen finally ended up ordering another one and having it shipped EMS. Who knows what happened to the other one? If it shows up I'll have to sell it and if it doesn't by the middle of January I'll have to file a claim. ;_;

So the word out is that Dawn of Mana is mind-numbingly awful. I cancelled my preorder but still, I weep.....truthfully, the only game in the series I really liked was Legend of Mana. That's right! SoM was good for its time but the glitches and play-control ruin it for me now.

But on to happier things! I couldn't help myself and I violated my Christmas present for 55 minutes today. I had been waiting for so long for it to come in...

The background graphics are niiiiice! The character sprites are ehh but the PS2 is on its last legs--what can you do? It's been four years since I played the PSX version but I remember my initial impression was "This game sucks!" My impression of the remake is much more positive!

I played up until you meet Chelsea for the first time. Then Kristen reminded me testily that the game is supposed to be a Christmas present and I stopped. ^^;...The writing is much better this time but I don't remember Stahn being such a pussy in the original game! And Woodrow is....well....


In his skit portrait he looks like he has huge breasts!

He's also wall-eyed!

He also seems like a homosexual predator who's trying to force Stahn into bed!

I am dead serious. There is something not right about Woodrow, maybe it's his deep/effeminate voice or the way he laughs huskily every time Stahn says something stupid (or not stupid) but I can totally picture him insisting on how warm the Phandarian weather feels that day while stripping in front of our horrified main character. And Chelsea is just asking to be murdered.

Considering that the battle system was one of the worst parts of the original game, the fights in the remake are much smoother!