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Woo Sick!

So my germ-spewing fountain of a brother has managed to infect me and my sister with his illness. I did not want a cold and I'm annoyed.

Last night I accomplished something I never had been able to when I was a kid. I beat the last boss in Soul Blazer!. I'm ashamed to admit that even though the game is one of my favorites I never could kill Deathtoll without help (the Game Genie). But I really did it this time!

The English translation in the latter half of the game was awful. It's from 1992 and I can forgive some things, but "patientce?" Really? Most of Dr. Leo's lines were grammatically incorrect and made no sense. I'd like to play the Japanese version some day but even used Super Famicom games are expensive.

After that I put in a game that Kristen gave me for Christmas last year: Star Ocean. For a horrible moment I thought the converter didn't fit but it turned out I wasn't pushing hard enough. ^_^;...My early impression of the game is that the music is great and there are a lot of pretty flowers. I had forgotten that SO2 was the only one in the series that had a world map; the first and third game have you running from one area to another a'la Zelda. Neat! Playing an action-RPG with nice flowers and music and a decent story (so far) makes me want to use Seiken Densetsu 3 as a football but I remember that I went through a lot of trouble to get that and wasn't the snowy village with the tree-lights gorgeous?

I'm noting similarities between the beginning of SO and Venus and Braves. And Milly and Lilly from V&B are practically clones of each other. Guh...

This Japanese PS2 review site I frequent is giving the remake of Tales of Destiny a pretty decent score. Unfortunately my copy hasn't arrived yet and I won't be playing it until after Christmas.