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::blows on hands::

Misaki Trisaki sucks. He's too slow, he looks like he's suffering from gigantism and his head is too small for his body. My quest to build the perfect soccer player has failed!

But I'm not giving up....

I've managed to fill up an entire notebook with my story. The problem is that when I was in the middle of writing a climactic scene I started laughing! I guess I'm going to have to deal with some dark comedy in there. ^_^;...

I'm almost finished reading Gokinjo Monogatari. I know, I've been taking my time. I would really like to find some Moto Hagio manga but jpqueen sold out of EVERYTHING. I'd hate to order from amazon.com of Japan but the site is looking like a wonderland right now. =_=


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Nov. 7th, 2006 07:03 pm (UTC)
You failed.
Well...actually...with his proportions, Trisaki would be right at home in the World Youth Edition!

I guess that if you're really stuck, you can always go into the My Captain edit mode and tweak his proportions. If he's a forward, I think you should push his stat balance in favor of speed...but hell, I don't know anything about soccer!

I admit, I'm still laughing at Ishizaki commenting, "That guy's huge!" when the Nankatsu coach introduced Trisaki to the rest of the team. I dare you to make a player who inexplicably looks exactly like Wakashimazu(using his hair, face, and height--he should be 172 cm in that part of the series, right?) and see how Ishizaki reacts to him. Or go with the hideous Jito-Tachibana hybrid...stick Takeshi's head on a 200 cm body...the possibilities are endless.
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