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Skylab Hurricane!

I haven't posted in a while! There were things I could've talked about but I was too lazy. XD For the past few days I've been addicted to that new PS2 Captain Tsubasa game. Even though it got bad reviews I'm crazy enough to like it!

In all fairness, I don't think it deserves the 6, 6, 6, 6 score that Famitsu gave it (it's more like a 7, 7, 7, 7 game). It has awful graphics but the music is decent and the voice acting is the best I've heard from a game in the past three years, probably because they used all the seiyuu from the original TV series. At first I was apprehensive but since Hirotaka Suzuoki's final role was Hyuga-kun in this game ::sniffles:: as a fan I had to buy it.

For the first two games I couldn't seem to score goals until we got down to penalty kicks. The GKs are tanks, even Morisaki! I only actually lost once, to Hirado because they start you with the game half over and Hirado leading by two points. Jito is the only character who looks good in 3-D. Everyone else looks like crap!

I beat Furano 5-0, though. Who cares about the power of teamwork if you can't get past Izawa?

If you set things up like it happened in the series you get a lot of extra cut-scenes. I screwed that up when I played against Toho because rather than finishing the game at 4-4 I actually won. ;_; You can replay each game as many times as you want, though, so I'm going to try it again.

I love that whenever a player has the ball stolen from him they show the scene in slow-motion with the loser looking horrified and yelling, "Nani?!"

Maybe the game only appeals to freaks of the original series but I qualify!

I'll pick up Soul Hackers again soon but right now I'm giving into a twelve-year obsession.

I ended up cancelling my preorder for Seiken Densetsu IV. Frankly, I'm not impressed by what I've been seeing and I'll bet the game ends up being only 20 hours long. The PS2 remake of Tales of Destiny will be my only game of the winter. My biggest problems with the original were the poor execution of the plot and the glitchy battle system and I hope they fix that!