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Go Ahead and Rain.

It's going to rain all night. I say, go ahead and rain! It's hard to believe our roof won't be leaking any more. After 15 grand's worth of work it had damn well better not leak! O_O

I've become increasingly frustrated by my inability to find face powder that doesn't turn my skin a weird color. I usually buy the lightest shade of powder and foundation available and now even that looks freaking orange. Is that why people buy $40 loose powder? Am I going to have to buy $40 loose powder?

I've been continuing to play Soul Hackers (note pathetic Spooky icon). To me that game is like the Tales of Eternia of the Megaten series: fun, complete and one of the best of the series but so damn ugly that people would overlook it. It's a shame. I think Western Megaten fans would have really liked this game but Sony wouldn't localize it because of the lousy graphics. =_=

And....here's a picture of what I ate for dinner, Chinese-style Barbecue Roast Pork Tenderloin (and peas and cheddar-broccoli rice).

We have to do something about the huge white plates! The sauce for the pork was really, really good. Truthfully, all I did was make the rice and the peas and slice the pork. Kristen always has to do the tough stuff.