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Aftermath #2.

Saturday (Oct. 14) was my birthday. I turned 2* years old. It wasn't too bad a day. Even though there was no party the cake was good and so was the sushi. I had been planning on picking apples again at Hickory Hill but the place was mobbed thanks to Kids Fest and it also appeared to be on fire! Saw a fire engine, thought we saw smoke and decided to pass on by. ^__^;...

I gave Kristen two Tales of Legendia drama CDs (hey, it was her birthday too!) and she gave me the second Captain Tsubasa movie DVD (movies 3 and 4), which featured a pointless recap movie and a much better one with Carlos Santana and the South American team. The third movie contained a gratuitous shot of Souda's ass (for some reason) and Wakabayashi encouraging Tsubasa to send his Drive Shoot right into his penalty area (guh huh huh). The fourth movie contained several awesome scenes including Wakashimazu winking at Wakabayashi in the middle of a game and later calling him a pussy for trying to sub himself out after letting Santana score one goal against him. ^o ^ Wooo! I only have the first two movies on VHS which is a shame because I don't have a VCR any more. That second movie was cool because it showed Morisaki kicking butt for the first time in his life. I'd like to buy that first movie DVD once a spare $50 rolls my way.

Aaand...I got some yarn. And a new pen, which means much more to me than anyone will ever understand.

Because Kristen ended up a little disappointed in Persona 3 I decided to renew her joy by starting the second playthrough of Soul Hackers now. And I'm really going to play this one straight through! ::fires gun at the ceiling:: I've been playing for about four hours now. I'm finding it less annoying than most games I've played recently because it doesn't reek the otaku vibe. The main cast isn't ridiculously attractive or cool. Six is cute, Lunch is hideous, Yuichi needs to die.....and if you stare at Spooky for a long time he starts to look kind of pretty. *^^*

Everyone loves Spooky! ::lights up a cigarette::


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Oct. 16th, 2006 03:37 am (UTC)
Spooky should be smoking two cigarettes. Since it's the second playthrough.

Yeah, Lunch is a pretty decent character, but he was beaten with the ugly stick hard. But it makes his issues with his father more tolerable than Tatsuya's stupid pretty boy angst in Persona 2, because Lunch is pretty serious and well-grounded, and man...! Why did they have to rip that storyline off for Persona 2?

I find it amusing that even though Six talks like a girl half the time, is constantly shrieking/flipping out about something, and is afraid of his own shadow, he still manages to have more dignity than Yuichi. If Six were cool, I wouldn't like him. But Yuichi is...well...there's no proof that he's not "challenged", is there? An 18 year old who wears panda jewelry and funny hats and acts like a grade-schooler is not cute, it's scary. I half wonder if Yuichi is really a sexual predator, and pretends to have the mind of a child to lure in little kids...
Oct. 16th, 2006 03:56 am (UTC)
I can totally see Yuichi as a Michael Jackson-like character, hanging around playgrounds and trying to get the elementary school kids to let him in their clubs. XD
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