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The Only Good Thing.

It's Friday and the roofers still haven't finished molesting our house. The worst thing besides the noise is that they killed our beautiful mountain laurel. I don't know if they dropped something on it from the roof or what, but last night I found it lying on the ground snapped off at the trunk.

I'm furious. I know that our yard is a wreck but we've had that shrub for seven years and there's no excuse for that kind of carelessness. Even though she doesn't want to upset the roofers by pointing out their mistake, I told my mother that I want to plant two shrubs in the place of the one that was killed. Mountain laurel is the state flower of Connecticut. If only they could get fined...Thank god we don't have any pets for them to run over. =_=

The only good thing that came out of this shitty week is that I finished my mother's sweater. As promised, Kristen sewed the thing together for me. ^o^

I think it turned out pretty well. I'd like to make one for myself one of these days.