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This morning the roofers began their work. By the end of the day they had ripped the shingles off half the roof. I knew it was going to be loud but the whole time it sounded like we were being attacked by aliens. O_o

I've managed to catch up with the sleeve I had to start over. To think that if I hadn't decided to redo them I would have both sleeves done by now!

Soooo....the preorder for Dawn of Mana is finally up and it's coming out in Japan on December 21st? Now that they've released more information on the official site I'm all confused. The white-haired man's name is Stroud? As in...the character from SoM? Just what the heck are they planning on doing with this game, anyway? Not that I care, as long as it doesn't suck. =_=

For some reason last night I started playing one of my oldest import games, Psychic Force Puzzle Taisen. Which is in my opinion the most enjoyable game in the series but maybe that's because I hate fighting games? Anyway, it's nice to know I'm just as bad at that game as I was when I first bought it. Even though Brad is my favorite character whenever I use him in versus mode I end up losing!

But it's nice to be able to play my old import games on a Japanese PS2 rather than a modded PSX. That game in particular was one of those games that when you play them on a modded system, the music gets screwed up. So now that I'm playing it on a Japanese console I'm hearing a lot of BGM that I don't remember...^_^;

I need to get some more writing done but I think I might be brain-damaged.