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Over the Hurdle.

I've been having a better time with writing lately. Phew! I wrote eight pages yesterday but they were handwritten and my print is huge. ^_^;...I don't trust computers any more. I lost quite a few poems and fifteen pages of a short story when my first computer died. I'm sure I backed them up somewhere but the floppies are probably corrupted by now! Besides, it's kind of hard to take your writing with you when you have a desktop PC. o_o

Also, using a pen and paper makes me feel young again.

I'm trying hard to finish Kristen's sweater but it is taking me forever! I don't remember the first one taking over a month to make. At least now that fall is approaching I can happily pursue wool sweaters. I still hate working with cotton! As I knit I watched some episodes of Captain Tsubasa that I skipped the first time around (because they had terrible animation). All I can say is, even though Wakashimazu is my favorite, Hyuga-kun is one sexy badly-drawn guy! ^o^

In TOD2 all I managed to do was make Loni new armor. I don't know why I bothered; I don't even like him. Considering how difficult the game can be I can't give everything to Judas, can I?