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My favorite pen finally ran out of ink. Boo hoo hooo! I don't know whether to buy an ink refill or a new pen. Or if they even make that pen any more. Such tragedy in my life!

I've been eating too much junk lately. I feel like drowning myself in green tea tonight.

Restoredoll sent me an email about some new hair colors they added to their site but they're all blends of pre-existing colors. Boooo. That doesn't count! I haven't done anything doll related for a long time. I guess I've been interested in other things. You have to strike while the mood moves you!

And right now I just feel like drinking green tea. :P

Now that I've been writing I find that I've mellowed out with all my other hobbies, especially doll-customizing. It's not that I'm not interested any more. I'm just not as susceptible to the drama of participating in a hobby that I'm not enormously gifted in. The reality that I can't do everything perfectly bothers me less and less every day. I wonder if I wanted to do art because I thought it'd be easier to attract people's attention with a picture than with words...

The straightening iron I've been using sucks and I've been looking at better ones online. I reaaallly would like to be able to control my hair for once in my life but $125 for a flat-iron? I wonder if it's worth it?