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For the past week I've been writing frequently. That's right, I've stopped planning and actually made legitimate progress! So far I've finished fifteen handwritten pages. I can't make heads-or-tails of the quality of my work but at least I'm getting somewhere!

I ordered the rest of Gokinjo Monogatari from jpqueen. That site is used manga paradise as long as you aren't looking for anything recent. ^_^;...The series is only seven volumes so it wasn't a huge splurge.

I've also become addicted to the twisted anime Oniisama E.... I feel sick after watching each episode but I keep coming back for more!

I'm taking a break from VP2 and picking up Suikoden V again. I'll admit that I like Suiko V more. Fuu....

I'll reiterate that I'm playing the Japanese version. I just finished my first Major Battle and I am glad that I didn't lose and make an ass of myself. I had been looking forward to meeting Euram Barrows again because I heard that he shares a voice actor with the titular character in that great anime Gundou Musashi. Unfortunately his scenes weren't voiced this time.

His sister uses such flowery keigo that I burst out laughing when I first met her. At least she toned it down when she talked to that guy who kept the storage warehouse (I can't remember your name but thank you!).

For such a bad man Gizel sure has a wimpy-sounding voice! I also think that Georg's Japanese voice sucks. I don't know what any of the English voices sound like. The Japanese voices on the whole aren't as bad as I thought they'd be, but some of them (like Georg's) are too weak and ineffective.

I am sorely disappointed with the deaths of Arshtat and Ferid. Come on, why not let the crazy queen pull a crazy stunt one last time?