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The thermometer inside our new refrigerator reads 32 degrees. I wonder if that's okay....6_6

I had been burnt out on writing for the past few days and I'm glad that tonight I managed to get something done. Is it all coming back to me?

Dragging my heels as usual. I just finished that great timed dungeon in Chapter 5. Eight minutes till Rufus's soul disappears forever! Another opportunity for Rufus to writhe on the ground and scream! I'm sorry to admit that the first time I didn't make it. On the second try I cleared the level in four minutes but I didn't open any of the treasure chests. =_=

Do Rufus and Alicia need a chaperone or what? I wonder if things would go down the same if Alicia were stuck alone with Dylan or Aluze? I'm sure that Alicia is only arbitrarily 18 years old. Rufus seems like a pedo to me but he wants to trick Alicia into begging for him.

Just the same, I'm enjoying this chapter more than the preceding ones. Hell, I wanted to see Lezard come back as much as the next person but at least the story seems fresh now. I think I started having trouble with the plot once Leone and Aluze showed up. How many traitors do we need in this party?

Odin seems more evil in this game but at least he's not wearing pajamas and Frey is a huge skank. I guess I have to blame the game programmers for constantly zooming in on her butt and chest. I'm sure it's not the nature of her character to be T&A but that outfit....what is that, body paint? O_O

I'm overleveled but I'm low on money. I sold the Asgard merchant the materials for the Solomon Ring but I can't afford it!

I thought it was pretty cool that you had to fight Heimdall before you entered Asgard. Was he even in the original game? He would've been too important to leave out but I don't remember him.