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Old Smokey Is At It Again.

That's what I've nicknamed our furnace. For the past three weeks it's been giving us trouble again, this time filling its basement home with a sooty odor whenever it runs. We had the repairman over again and hopefully he's done something...maybe. I've lost my faith in everything at this point.

I've been working on a lot of things lately and maybe that's why I haven't felt like posting. I've fallen in love with my Parker ballpoint pen again. Of all the pens I've used in my life it's the only one that feels good when I'm holding it. I'm sure that a lot of people who write have rituals to start the creative juices flowing (like pouring ice water over their head) or have to sit in a particular room, or play music. I just need to always have a book I'm reading and a pen that doesn't hurt my hand or blob ink all over the paper. I used to have three Parker ballpoints but now I can only find the blue one. When I was in school I had a silver one that I loved but I swear to god someone stole it!

I've been playing VP2 on and off with TOL and I don't have much to report. VP2 is a difficult game. With all the skill-learning and character-shuffling it's a strategy RPG in disguise and not for the casual player! I'm clocked at 43 hours and I still haven't finished Chapter 3. I'm sure everyone who imported it finished a long time ago. =_=