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Too much to do, nothing to do.

Don't you love it when you have a million things to do and you just sit there staring blankly into space because you can't decide what would reap the most fruit? It makes me wish I still had my old Magic Eight-Ball.

It's a drag to work out in humid weather but I did it anyway.

Because Kristen was feeling nostalgic and I was curious I started playing around with Tales of Legendia. (Okay, I admit I watched some videos of the English language version and needed to erase them from my brain.) That's right, another game! I figured it'd be good to play alternately with VP2 because even in Japanese it's much easier to understand. There doesn't seem to be as much of a lag processing the dialogue into my brain. ^o^; I'm in Chapter 2 right now and I'm enjoying the game quite a bit. It's much, much better than Tales of Symphonia, which I've grown to hate with a passion.

I'm still in Chapter 3 in VP2. The story has started to pick up and hey! I just materialized a new mage and he's cute (not another hooded guy with no face!)!

I think tri-Ace really missed the mark not casting Midorikawa to play Rufus. He has the all the qualities of a classic (I mean cliche) Midorikawa character like Tamahome. The smirk! The snarky demeanor! The unspoken attraction with the cutesy heroine! The dim-witted comments that are supposed to be charming but end up sounding plain dumb! The angst, the rolling on the ground and screaming! Well, his voice is still pretty nasal. In all honesty I don't hate Rufus. He's just like Kashell from VP with extra wangst and anger!

Nice girly crush scene between Leone and Silmeria/Alicia. Uh....would that be lesbian incest? Because only an idiot wouldn't figure out that Leone is Ahly. Ahly pretends to be authoritarian and scary, but she really wants to touch Silmeria the way a big sister should! And there's Lezard with binoculars...?

Also, about Aluze. I wish he would disappear. I'm tired of looking at his face.

I'm thrilled that I've reached a town where I can make a ring out of dog crap (among other things) and I finally have a somewhat hot male magician!