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Growing and Growing.

Here's my latest knitting project after ten days' worth of growth:

Note the budding raglan sleeves. Aren't they cute? I noticed that this yarn appears to be a different color in every room I work in. Maybe it's because of the silk content? I'm supposed to knit until it's eighteen inches long and so far it's thirteen. I thought I could be done with it by the end of the week but I don't think that's going to happen!

Now that I'm done with Mother 3 I'm picking up Final Fantasy IV Advance again. I'm speeding through and I've decided to play a little Genso Suikoden V on the side.

I've only been playing Suikoden V for four hours in all because even though I'm enjoying the game the text is still hurting my eyes. I'm still understanding the story and most of the NPC dialogue but why did they have to do me like that? ;_; At least it's not boring and loaded with sci-fi jargon like Xenosaga! I just met up with Shoon who bears an uncanny resemblance to Cless from Tales of Phantasia.

I'm wondering if most players find it unsettling that the male members of the Falena royal family are treated as lower class. Maybe it's about time men had a taste of what women have to go through! But even as a woman I'm finding it kind of creepy, maybe because in literature matriarchal societies are often portrayed as warlike.

I've been playing FFIV for four hours and Cecil just became a Paladin! O_o It's been at least eight years since I last played this game in its SNES incarnation but I don't remember it being so short! Now that I'm finally playing it in Japanese my opinions of the characters are changing. I'm feeling more sympathy for Gilbert and Rydia and much less for Cecil, Rosa and Kain! Yes, I admit that I sympathize with Gilbert (Edward in the U.S version)! O_O I think it's sexist that just because he's a man he's expected to jump into battle with his guns blazing. Not everyone can be a soldier and why the hell are they sending a prince and the last member of his family to fight in the front lines? Cecil was the captain of the Red Wings and he whines just as much as Gilbert does.

Yeah, and I think that Rosa sucks. I bet everyone does! If you're bidding farewell to your wannabe girlfriend and a seven-year-old girl why tell the kid to look out for the girlfriend's safety? Would it really be that off-the-wall for Cecil to ask Rosa to protect Rydia or would that make him less likely to get some that night?

On the literature front (because yes, I do read!) I'm reading Diana Wynne Jones' The Lives of Christopher Chant. I have a love/hate relationship with this particular author because even though there are wonderful parts to her books she said in a interview that she never plans her writing and it shows. I've read four of her books so far and only one had a proper ending. =_=