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Rain Out of Nowhere.

Well, at least it keeps the neighbors with their power lawn tools inside.

::hates noise pollution::

I haven't made much progress on my sweater. I've been knitting but it hasn't been growing! It does look good, though, all six inches of it.

I figure that if I don't at least resolve myself to finish the Airy Scarf by the end of the week I really am a pathetic person. Whatever happened to monogamous knitting?

So I have a full party and I'm hunting down the egg that amnesiac idiot Duster buried and lost. Okay, I'm just kidding. I love Duster. He's so mild-mannered! ^o^

I can't pick out the worst character in battle; they all seem pretty good, even Boney (the dog!). Sometimes I wonder if it was a good idea to have a mute main character and a dog in your main party because only two characters talk most of the time...

Wes and Alec in the old folks' home in Chapter 4 is probably one of the most disturbing things I've ever witnessed in a video game. The scene where Wes tries to stop the Arab merchant (I can't remember his name, the bastard) from further corrupting the townspeople and is dragged away in a net by a pig soldier was both hilarious and sad. ("I'm not an insect! I'm an old man!")

I never thought I'd be able to play a twisted game like this again.