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Aw Heck.

That light blue alpaca lace yarn knit up looking like ramen noodles and I ended up unraveling the whole thing and starting over doubling it up with what's left of the Paton's Lacette. It's light pink mohair with light blue non-fuzzy lace yarn. I think it's pretty...

I'm still plugging long with the Cotton Fleece. I hate being mean to that yarn because it still feels nice. I hope we can work it out and be friends! I'm working it with #4 needles which might be odd for DK weight but it's what I have to do.

Since I'm all done with Sword of Mana I've picked up Kristen's Japanese copy of Final Fantasy IV Advance. I have fond memories of playing that game to death when I was 12 and I've always wanted to try the Japanese version. Handheld gaming is right up my alley! I love being able to pick a game up if I have fifteen minutes to spare. I don't have the time to play big games right now which is why I haven't continued with Suikoden V. I certainly will in a few weeks, mark my words! O_O

The first English translation of this game was so awful that it wasn't even grammatically correct and at times made no sense at all. I think they've re-translated it twice since then but I'm not really interested in whatever weird slang they've worked into the dialogue. =_=

Cecil seems a lot more emo in the Japanese version! I'm glad they give you the option of switching from all hiragana to kanji when you start your file. All kana games make my brain hurt! The walking speed is a lot faster and I bet it'll cut down the length of the game significantly.

They're starting to release info about Final Fantasy V Advance but I'm not buying it. I didn't like it that much and I already played the Japanese version for the Super Famicom. I guess I'll hold out for FFVI Advance; I heard they made major changes to the plot in the U.S version and I'm intrigued.