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I Sneezed Five Times In a Row.

Last night I was so congested I couldn't sleep at all. Today I can honestly say that I look as bad as I feel. My eyes aren't as bloodshot as they were this morning but I still look like I've been smoking crack. O_O

The Advil Cold @ Sinus isn't working any more so I'm down to my last resort. ::brandishes bottle of Tabasco sauce:: I'd better find something I can dump it on or I'll have to put it in my tea!

Once I recover I'd like to work on a doll. I've knit six inches of Tempting I so far--only six more to go before I do the sleeves!

As of lately I've been obsessed with the combination of bright pink or red with sky blue. Something about it makes me feel content. Is it cherry blossoms against a blue sky? Candy? Did I see it in a painting somewhere?

When I couldn't sleep I watched Steamboy on TV. It wasn't that bad but I wonder about its intended audience?

I've started to use lj tags on my entries. I figure I write about so many different things I should try to keep track of them.



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Mar. 31st, 2006 08:29 pm (UTC)
That sounds good! ^o^
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