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Land of Nothing.

Last night I went to my local Joann's to pick up the needles I need for my next knitting project. (Those being #7 24-inch and 32-inch circulars and #7 double-pointed needles.) Well, I tell you that when I got there the place looked like a tornado had ripped through it and there were no 24 or 32 inch circulars of any size. Nothing. They didn't even have a space for them! There were only two people working, a girl and an older lady arguing about how much the girl hated the job. ^o^

I did manage to find the ribbon for Tempting I, an orchid purple (well, that's what the sticker said) satin ribbon. It's light purple and the only other ribbon they had in the entire place was the same dark purple as the yarn. O_o Now that I think of it, that would have been okay too...

So I had to order the needles online. And I'm ticked off because I'll likely have to wait a week to start my project. And here I was thinking that my habit of ordering what I need online instead of checking a store was a sign of social disfunction.