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::loads shotgun::

I can tell that spring is just around the corner. And why is that? Because the birds are starting to fight their way into our gutters. =_=

I don't have an update picture on my sweater but I'm 2/3 of the way done with the second sleeve. I slowed down a little this week because my left arm has been bothering me. ^o^;...

Some game preorders I made a loooong time ago came in last week. What was it with March 2nd? I feel ashamed!

The general impression of Children of Mana (well, at least on GameFaqs :p) is that it's a travesty. No free roaming on the world map, only one town blah blah....that doesn't really bother me. The structure reminds me of my beloved Illusion of Gaia and that's okay by me! The music is gorgeous, the backgrounds are very nice. The character sprites don't look that great, I have to admit!

What's with all the hate for this game? I'm not far into it but the story is at least better than that of the overrated and mediocre Seiken Densetsu 3. And you can actually run up to the enemies and beat them down full force rather than skating around them in a weird sliding dance!

They made Mr. Moti into a purple-haired biseinen! ^o^ His turban looks like it could be concealing a mountain range. Considering my luck, I hope that he doesn't turn evil or die at any point in the game. Moti-san, don't break my heart!

I chose Tumble as my character because I am female and I must represent!

After trying to slug through the all-kana GBA Mother I am reveling in CoM's sweet, sweet kanji. I'm praying that Mother 3 will at least have the option to switch on the kanji.

On to other things...

After the barren wasteland that was Pop'N Music 11, Pop'N Music 12 doesn't suck YEHHHHH!!!

I was surprised that this game has quite a few good songs! My favorite genres so far in order of preference are Biwa-Gatari (kicks more ass than Super Pop!), Healing Duo (so pretty!), Hyper Japanesque (kind of creepy!), Flow-Beat (hard as hell!), Ryusei Rave (the beginning is tough but it might be because I suck at it), and Posi-Aco (cheesy boy-band vocals make me laugh!). I still think that 10 was pretty good but 12 has definitely revived some of my faith in the series. Now Mimi and Nyami don't have to die. Phew!