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Ultimate Dumbass.

So here's my latest progress on the cowl neck sweater. I've finished with the front and the back and I'm currently working on the first sleeve:

I made a horrible mistake and misread part of the directions for finishing the front. Thankfully (as I flailed around and shrieked) Kristen was able to unravel only my error and save me from having to redo the entire piece. =_= Thank god it doesn't show! I am the Ultimate Dumbass when it comes to following directions and I'm damn lucky I didn't ruin my work! o_o

I went to A.C Moore this weekend to pick up the needles for the collar that they didn't have at my local Michael's. I wanted to get the needles to make Tempting I but they didn't have any of them. Buuuu.....:P I made the mistake of touching cashmere yarn. I was enchanted and thought, "Ooh! Maybe I should use the recommended yarn for that sweater after all!" After calculating that it would cost me almost $50 to make it I became very depressed. I figure that if I try it with the Merino-style and it doesn't work out it won't be that much of a loss. If it does work out it'd be great because that yarn feels nice, is affordable and comes in pretty colors. I'm not ready to splurge on the Debbie Bliss yarn just yet!