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I sewed Anise these pajamas.

What do you think? Sorry for the bad photo, I'm kind of tired now =_=....


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Jan. 24th, 2003 08:58 pm (UTC)
SO cute! did you make it sans pattern? ^_^ I wish I could make one for my Mai! I suck without patterns! (and suck with them, but you know. less. )

anyway. LOVELY!!!!
Jan. 24th, 2003 10:52 pm (UTC)

I'm glad you like them! ^__^

Eh heh heh...I have no idea how to draft my own patterns. I just took a pattern from an issue of My Favorite Doll Book and enlarged it to 157 percent (that would be 57 percent larger, I guess!) on my trusty printer/copier/scanner.I know that's a weird number, but it works pretty well!

I've tried enlarging a Jenny pattern to 215 percent to make a dress for Fuuka. It was a little big. More tests, maybe?

Jan. 25th, 2003 10:22 am (UTC)
I have lots of those Jenny books... what do you think, typically, if you can find the right enlargement amount, are the proportions about right??
Jan. 25th, 2003 10:57 am (UTC)

It works better for mini SDs (are regular SDs thinner?), for some reason. I find that all in all the fit is good, but the legs are always waaaaaay too long! I might have overcompensated on the pajama pants, but you'd probably have to cut an inch off the length of the pants after you enlarged them. Maybe two.

I wonder if Licca patterns would have that problem? Jenny must have pretty long legs! It's not really that much of a problem, though, because the sleeve length comes out about right.

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