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Progress Report.

I've been working on the Hip Knits cowl-neck sweater steadily for about two weeks. I haven't been a slave to it but so far I've finished the back (note stitches on hold on huge-ass needle instead of stitch-holder, I thought it would be easier to get them onto the circular needle later) and done a bit of the front. Even though I still have a lot to do and it hasn't been difficult up to this point I'm proud to say I haven't made any mistakes...^o^

The color in that picture is more accurate than in the first one. No, that yarn is not hot-pink! In certain lights it has a distinctive lavender hue.

My parents visited my aunt today. Supposedly her doctor has told her, "You'll be all right but you'll have to have a lot of operations."

Last night a skunk sprayed the outside of our house with all its fury. It was horrible! I can still smell it a little.

I just tried going to the Hoffman Ruins, blew myself up with explosives and had my entire party slaughtered in a random battle. I fled in terror. I have a lot of level-gaining to do!

I've switched to controlling Opera. I love firing that gun!

Bowman's voice is high but not as high as Dias's. He has a bit of Klarth in his personality but he's not as hot. That's okay with me, though. I still think he's pretty awesome. But he came with exactly one talent (writing)!!! I need to assemble my orchestra and then I can make him as talented as I want.

Leon is a brat but he's obviously a product of bad parenting. He shares a seiyuu with Celine and his voice is as squeaky as Mao's in Tales of Rebirth. Just the same I can't forgive who was responsible for casting that talentless woman who plays Killua in Hunter X Hunter (the worst voice actor in the world!) as Leon in Star Ocean EX. I'll only have him temporarily for now but I'm using him in my party. I'm disappointed that he can't cook this time around.