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Late Night Gaming....

It probably wasn't smart but I was eager to finish the Lacour Tournament in SO2 and recruit Opera (been checking a FAQ, I have!). And...

I wondering if maybe they dumbed down the difficulty in the U.S version? SO2JP seems harder. I've been controlling Claude and even after using his special attacks 200+ times I'm still missing the enemy. Also, I noticed that in the U.S version that when you recruit a new character they start with 100 Skill Points to play around with but in the Japanese version you get nothing. =_=

I noticed some items that might be JP-version exclusive. Can you make Purin in the U.S version?

I lost at the Lacour Tournament, badly. I remember when I played the U.S version I felt bad for Claude when Rena helped Dias find his weapon but in the JP version he was really acting childish and creepy. I still don't like Rena but during the Tournament Claude acted like he had been body-snatched by Luke from TOA. ^o^ So I didn't feel too badly when I lost before I could fight Dias!

Ah, Dias. I know that in Star Ocean EX he's Koyasu, but in the JP version of the game he's played by Horikawa Ryo. When I first found out about that I was like "Whee!" I certainly didn't expect him to sound like Vegeta but when Dias spoke for the first time in battle my reaction was more like o_O! O_O! O_o!!!!!

Picture this: a tall, cool blue-haired swordsman with a voice as high as Michael Jackson's. I am seriously starting to regret doing Claude's quest because if I had Dias in my party every time I played it would be like going to the circus!

Horikawa Ryo also plays Bowman. Let's pray he does a better job with him!

I did recruit Opera before I went to bed. I haven't formed any real opinions of her but she's apparently an alcoholic and why does her character sprite have bunny ears?