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Business As Usual.

I continue to work on the sweater. I'll probably have the back done by the end of this week, and then I have the front, the sleeves and finally the collar. I'm making a Small and at this point it looks plenty big. On the model it looked like a tunic. I guess it's all right!

I still can't believe Knitpicks Merino Style is DK weight. For me its gauge is more like worsted but I can't complain. The colors are lovely and worsted weight yarn would be more versatile. I keep finding myself drawn to the "Tide Pool" color. It's a blue-green that makes me feel peaceful when I look at it but I'm certain it would look horrible on me. When I was in third grade my Brownie troop had their colors done by a specialist and she said (only to me!) that I should wear pink instead of orange, blue instead of green and black instead of brown. I guess I could ignore that but maybe in the long run I'd like the sweater more if it were in a flattering color rather than one that looked better without me wearing it. =_=

Ah...Girl Scouts. I ended up quitting but we did have some good times.

I'm still playing Star Ocean 2. Even though this is my first time playing it in Japanese I played it twice before in English and I'm eagerly awaiting getting new characters in my party. So far the only character that comes across as completely different in the Japanese version is Leon. In the English version I didn't even know he was a kid until I had him in my party (I was confused!) but in the Japanese version he seems very childish when you first meet him. Pure shouta character! When I first played the game I fawned over Ashton. Now that I've decided that he's a loser I have to go shopping for a new favorite character. I have to be equal opportunity--I can't rule out a female character but I always prefer it to be male. ^o^;...