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My my my.......

Minako finally got back to me on that order I posted about many moons ago. Stupid me, I mailed her the order when she was on vacation ^____^! Anyway, she told me that the Volks Zoukei-mura #4 eyes (light green) would take about two months to come in, which is fine. The white and silver mini SD wigs are available already, and the pink one for Fuuka will be in stock in a week. I paid the large sum for the items (owww...;_;....) and now, all I have to do is wait. I'm glad that Anise will be getting her silver wig after all! I feel kind of bad considering that I've been trying to save money, but I have next to no SD wigs at all. I guess that happens when you go eye-crazy! I also have no SD clothes to speak of (except for the lovely red fleece coat) but I am NOT going to spend a cent on that until I clear out some of the fabric in my closet. And there's quite a bit of it!

I've been selling off some of my old Suikoden stuff, so I'm heading off a little of the cost. It's not that I don't like the series any more, I'm just not desperate enough to hold onto a couple of poorly-written game novels just for the sake of the pretty pictures. I have a problem with the artist who illustrated those novels, anyway....everyone looks pretty, but all the characters look the same and don't seem to be capable of facial expressions. ^_^;....."Doll-face"....that's what one of Kristen's acquaintances called it. Heh heh heh. I'm keeping the first novel series, and volume two of the Suikoden 2 series. That's it! That series has become so over-merchandised that I'm being turned off it. I know that the branch of Konami that is responsible for Suikoden is pressed for cash, but still...

We made katsudon for the first time tonight. Those Panko breadcrumbs came in handy! It was really good ^__^! I breaded and fried the pork cutlets, and Kristen took care of the onion mixture and the rice. Once you start eating sushi rice, you can never go back. At first I didn't understand how in Japan they eat rice plain with every meal, but if it's the short-grain sticky rice, I can see the appeal! Long-grain white rice tastes strange to me now. It's too dry and bland, I think.