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Female Fun Time.

I don't feel like explaining the title of tonight's post.

Needless to say I'm a little under-the-weather. It's cold again but that's all right. I can make all the tea I want!

Ion died today. ;_;

It was sad even though I made a prediction that he would die even before the game came out. He had that look to him! Even with his little oddities I still liked Ion and I'm sorry to see him go. But I think it's better for a game to have sad moments than to not take risks by killing off sympathetic characters and wallow in stupidity. I actually cared when Ion died so bravo, Namco, well done!

I wish Tear had died instead. =_= If she's supposed to be this cold woman, why does she keep apologizing whenever she draws attention to herself? She's too whiny. Luke'll call her a bitch-- gomen nasai! (sometimes) She'll wax pensive about her brother and the other party members ask her if she's all right with killing him/ wondering if he's alive--gomen nasai! She'll cough up half a lung after a boss battle--gomen nasai! Does she need to be given shock therapy? Stop freaking apologizing!

Maybe Ion's death scene would've been more poignant if I hadn't put Anise in her swimsuit and kept Guy as a bartender (and he's staying in that outfit until the end of the game!) I'm leaving Tear as a maid because it makes her seem more decent.

AHHAHAAAA to the face chat with Luke, Guy, Natalia and Mieu(!) ordering Jade to strip because there's obviously something about his outfit that's protecting him from the volcano's heat. Maybe he has one of the personal cooling system neck-things from the Sharper Image! I've always wondered if those things really worked, cuz you know everyone wants to go grocery-shopping in the blistering heat while wearing a contraption that looks like a radio tag collar. o_o

After consulting with a FAQ on Gamefaqs I thought that I had f--ed up getting Guy's second ougi but it turned out there was a guy to meet in Berkend after the one in Grankokma and before the last one in Ketelburk. ^_^;...

I managed to clear the beginner's team rank in the Battle Arena. Then I tried to do the individual one with Jade and died on the second battle. My arena losses are the only times I've died in the game. Hoo...

I am addicted to Nefly Ball. I have a gambling problem!


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Jan. 24th, 2006 12:15 am (UTC)

I heard a girl had a seizure after playing videogames for 5 hours a day! I don't think I could go that far because I hate sitting still for too long. It's the same with using the computer. I never could be an active participant in any community because I just don't have the attention span. Still, if I'm playing a popular game I like to report on my progress in my journal because I'm pleased I can immerse myself in something that's in a foreign language and have some level of comprehension. ^_^ But reading and listening to everything in Japanese and not English can be a stress and I usually can't play for more than an hour and a half at a time.

I like a lot of kinds of tea but I'm partial to loose leaf Assam. I haven't had it for a while, though! Scottish Breakfast is good too. For the commercial tea blends my favorites are Tazo Chai and Bigelow Constant Comment. I also like Hoji-cha (roasted green tea) and jasmine tea.
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