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There's Something Weird in Our Driveway.

It's a little black car and I think it's ours. O_O

The concept of anyone in my family buying a black car astounds me. When I was growing up all our cars were blue and our most recent cars have been white. Then the engine in my parents' Outback dropped dead for no reason and because it would've cost seven thousand dollars to fix my mother ended up buying a used car from my uncle that's supposedly been languishing in a garage. And it's black with heated leather seats and climate control etc....but really, a black car for my family is out of the ordinary. Maybe I'll sit on the front lawn and stare at it for a while.

Kristen and I tried making red beans and rice for dinner last night from a recipe I found in Cook's Country. I have next-to-no experience cooking dried beans and it could've been awful but it was actually good. It took three hours to make, though. =_= I would take a picture of it but we ate it all!

I have been playing TOA for quite a while but I haven't been keeping record of my progress. I got Tear's maid outfit and the swimsuits for the entire party. I can't decide whether I should refuse to put Jade in the bathrobe or embrace the freakiness. ^o^

I was very angry that they forced me to control Luke during the fight with Van. A.I Jade kept using Turbulence and Guy finished the battle dead! O_O I lost any respect I could've possibly had for Van when I saw him playing the organ. Who is he, Neclord? Not to mention the fact that from the back it looked like he was doing something ELSE. (Don't look at me, I read it on that Japanese message board!)

Natalia assaulting Jade before she rejoined the party was hilarious. I wish I could've made a screen capture. =_=

And I finally got to do the Mushroom Road side event! I loved the freaky mushrooms but....nice crappy BGM! They probably thought they could get away with it. I got to control Asch but unfortunately I still don't like him. Maybe it's because Asch and Luke have the same seiyuu and he apparently doesn't have enough range to play two characters and not make one of them sound ridiculous. I'm sure Asch is a fan favorite but I've never been able to be charmed by characters like him.