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Everyone in my family keeps asking me what I want for Christmas. I don't know what to say. =_=

All my characters are at level 13 and that little @#$! Arietta just torched my ship. I was getting annoyed for awhile because the enemies on the world map were giving me crap money and experience. Then bandits started kicking my ass and I was like YEAH! Time to earn some cash and/or experience!

Dist and his floating chair= LOLOLOLOL!! :D I played too late last night in the odd chance that I might run into him again because he is too funny. Sink sounds like he's been sucking back helium. I think that the game needs to outlaw people falling from the sky. Like when Asch yelled something like "You won't need passports if you're DEAD!" and pounced out of nowhere with his sword blazing when I was trying to cross the border. (Well, I can't remember exactly what he said, it was 3am!) Was that really necessary?

On the topic of Arietta, I don't think that girls who were raised by animals would wear Gothic Lolita dresses and hide cutely behind a stuffed animal saying "You killed my Mama!" She should be all dirty with leaves in her hair clawing at people and screaming "GRAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!"

I wish I could have screencapped Jade's expression when Arietta showed up at the riverbed dungeon. Scary, scary stuff.

And when he was about to kill her before Ion intervened? That was hot! ^o ^

I think it's cute that Ion is on to Anise's fake personality and teases her for it. He even imitated her evil voice! Now I'm wondering if Jade is so affectionate around Anise because he likes her or because he knows that she has a black heart and is making fun of her. 6_6 Scenes like that make Ion seem less like an alien but I still can't deal with that voice. =_=

Anise clawing at Guy's front= HAHAHAHAHA!

I promise to be more articulate next time!


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Dec. 23rd, 2005 06:57 am (UTC)
Arietta's seiyuu is doing a really, really bad job. I know she's in a lot of anime and stuff, but I hear she's bad in all of it. I felt embarrassed listening to her.
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