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I Got My Hair Cut.

And that's the most interesting thing that happened today. ^o^

Last night I played me some more TOA. I just got Guy in my party (he fell from the sky! O_O) and am chugging around the world map trying to earn gald. I had to check my configurations to see if the game was set to "Incredibly Easy." Turns out there's no such thing.

Is it just me or is this game incredibly easy?

The relationship between Luke and Mieu is gross! It reminds me of that show Rizelmine where there's this preteen girl who's programmed to be the perfect wife to some brat who beats her. I don't think that Mieu is cute, either! Luke kicks him around like a football and all he does is apologize in that fake squeaky voice. At least Quickie had his horrifying fang-portrait!

My heart broke when Largo sealed away Jade's awesome power and made him revert from level 45 to 5! O_O Jade is a huge whopping Gary-Stu (the snarky kind who's always saying witty things!) but he kicks so much ass it isn't even funny. Is there anything he can't do? Yet he seems to have a Lolita complex and occasionally says fruity lines in a weird high-pitched voice. Would that make him less or more of a Gary-Stu?

I met Asch, Arietta and Regret. Regret was especially bad graphics. Does Arietta have a crush on Ion? 6_6

Guy's fear of women is like something that would be on an episode of Ally McBeal. And Tear suggests that for the sake of his sanity he not consider her a woman? Fine, if you strap your chest down with an Ace bandage, Tear!

Ion's alien voice is bothering Kristen.

Luke sounds so happy when he thinks Van is looking for him. He loves Van-sensei. ^o^;...

I still think that Guy sounds too old for his looks. At least his seiyuu can act but...yeah, he sounds really old. For some reason, his older-sounding voice really makes him seem like he's Luke's boyfriend.