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Making up Anise.

The bad thing about buying Zoukei-mura eyes is that you have no money left over to buy your dolls clothes or wigs! But I figure that there are only two or three more colors I'm interested in (not buying them now, of course) and I've made up my mind to sew the SDs' clothes myself. I will take my medicine now. I will ^______^.

Anise's body is still in pieces, but I've made up and coated her face already. I figure that there's no point in holding off--in the end, I'd have to wait for the glue on her eyelashes to dry. Why not get a head start?

I painted her lips full like Miyako's, but instead of doing them in flesh-tone I used a pinkish-berry shade. I lined her eyes like I planned, with the upper rims of the eyewells in dark brown and the lower in light brown and taupe. I'm not that happy with the way her eyelids came out (they're a bit too thickly painted, but I'll probably get used to them. I gave her peach eyeshadow and blended it over her cheeks for blush. I don't think it really shows up, but who cares? ^o^

Her lips took me a while to paint, but the worst part was putting the eyelashes in. I bought these wispy blonde eyelashes from the same place I ordered the teal green eyes. They were the most expensive ones they had; very pretty, but difficult to fit into the eyewells. All in all, I think it took me a half hour to put the upper lashes in, and another 15 to put in the lower ones. Maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought? The biggest problem was that the lashes kept getting stuck to my fingers, in my hair, etc....and they were so light that when I dropped them I couldn't find them for a while. Ugh! I almost inhaled one at one point.

They're such a light color I can barely see them! I think that once I put her eyes in they'll be more noticeable. Sometimes subtlety is nice, right?

Um....last night, when I was painting her lips, her face slipped out of my hands and rolled across my bedroom floor. o__O I kid you not! Thank God my room's carpeted, eh heh heh...

My allergies are horrible today. I'm drinking peach-flavored green tea, but I'm probably going to have to go back on Sudafed. ::cries::