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It had to happen again.

The furnace kacked it again this morning and we had to call the repairman. I had a feeling something was going to happen because it had been running noisily for the past two weeks. I wish we had a better reason as to why our furnace gives us so many problems other than "it sucks," but that's pretty much what the repairman told us last year. It's a poorly designed model that's prone to plugging up. This time it was dusty.

At least it quietly ceased functioning rather than clanging and spewing out clouds of soot until someone rushed downstairs and turned it off. I'm grateful for that!

I didn't know what to make for dinner tonight and I thought I'd try out a variation on french toast that I found in a Williams-Sonoma catalogue. It had a lot of orange zest, sugar and some orange liqueur in the egg batter. I had to use sandwich bread instead of brioche (yeah, sorry I didn't have that lying around) and maple syrup instead of caramel sauce (same there!) but it was good! :D

It's been tough not being able to touch rooting materials but I've been carrying on. :p

I just met Chat. It was a pain in the ass hunting around for all those toy ducks but it was kind of fun. The only part I really had a hard time with was the quiz one because it was timed and I had a hard time reading and answering the questions before the buzzer went off. =_=

I hope I can go back to Inferia at some point! I read in the Tales of...Encyclopedia that Klarth is the second trivia game proctor. Damn! Why didn't I try harder with Chelsea?

The part where you have to outfit your party with winter clothes was funny! Farah's reaction to trying on the Santa suit was cute, as was Rid's reaction to Meredy wearing the "Nekonin" costume. And of course, Keel looks stupid in everything he wears. I don't know, that didn't look like a man's trenchcoat to me...

I've been playing for 24 hours. The random enemies are kind of hard. TOE is definitely on par with TOD2 in difficulty but at least there's no grade point system to punish you and make you feel like a worse player. ^_^;...

I finished knitting a scarf for my brother last night. I dunno...I didn't make any mistakes but I don't think it looks great. I used Lion Brand Jiffy yarn and it's not as pretty as wool. =_=