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Too Much Sugar.

I just ate a piece of pumpkin coffee cake for dessert. I'm about to puke from the sugar X_X. Maybe I should go outside and eat some grass?

It turned freezing cold overnight. Last night it thundered too much for its own good. And now I'm hearing something outside...it better not be raining again! When are we going to have the first snowfall of the year?

I've been working with some rooting hair I've never used before lately. I don't want to say anything about it until I'm sure it's going to turn out all right but if it does I'm going to be a happy girl!

I've decided to pick up TOE again because you know, I've been playing BAROQUE a lot lately! I haven't accomplished much since I saw that last movie. I'll probably give the Nerve Tower another go in a few days but right now I'm continuing with TOE. ^-^

And...I'm on to Disc 2. I hate Keel more than ever! Ras's deception didn't surprise me because he seemed shifty from the start. And patronizing, and creepy... I'm assuming he didn't die after I fought him. He looked like he just fell on his ass!

And now I'm in Celestia, home of weird atonal music. Meredy's town is pretty and reminds me of Lumina from Legend of Mana. The random enemies are quite hard. I managed to find the Wonder Chef and afford some new weapons but I'm going to have to level up.

Keel is a selfish, whiny little prick. I'm sure I've called him that before. ^o^ His acting is pretty bad in the field chats, especially when he yells. Was this his seiyuu's first job? I know that Fate in SO3 had his moments but he wasn't as awful as this. O_o

Uhhh...so Ion in TOA is a boy? O____O


And here I thought, there's the angelic Mary-Sue NPC with special powers that I'm going to hate. ^o^ But Ion is actually male? O_O

Well, he's a Gary-Stu then.

But I hadn't been expecting that! Oho, this game might be interesting. Or really, really creepy.

It's time for the Tales Channel Character Popularity Poll! I was a horrible traitorous Judas fan and voted for Klarth. =_= I would still be mighty pleased if Judas ranked high. I wish I could steal someone else's computer and vote twice.