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The Last Hurrah.

Ehh...Frank e-mailed me wanting to know if I still wanted the N bodies that I've had on back-order for several months. I told him yes and he shipped them out but the problem is I can't remember exactly what I ordered! O_O There's no record on the receipt. I can guess that there might be 3 bodies in the package judging from the price but other than that I know nothing. I guess I should have asked. Oh well. I'll find out in a few days.

Restoredoll is going to be raising their prices soon and I ordered some hair hoping to stock up before the increase. I ordered Evergreen, TwoTone Caddy Red/Platinum White and a three color blend of Ash Brown, Ash Blond and Purple Passion. The last one looks really cool! :D I don't know when I'm going to be able to use it but it's nice to look at.

I also received, after a long wait, one of those Azone 23cm little girl bodies. And....@#$%! Why the hell did they put the bald head on the body!? It was such a bitch to remove...;_; Do they expect you to use a wig or what? The head is kind of cute but I think I might use it for a full-sized doll and use my last Azone #5 head to make a big-headed little girl with green hair. Eventually.

Fuumuu.....So they've finally posted pictures of the status portraits in TOA? The characters look awfully cute..except for Jade. O_O But jeez, Anise's skirt is short!

Is it just me or does Tear kind of look like Xena, Warrior Princess?

I really hope that that I like this game more than TOS. I keep telling myself that there'll be no Colette and for that alone I'm breathing a little easier.

I'm still breaking from TOE and messing around in BAROQUE. I don't know if I'm accomplishing anything but I did kill two NPCs! That game is frustratingly non-linear but whenever I start complaining about not knowing what the hell I'm doing I want to play it again, badly. I always die somewhere around B12 when I'm out of explosives and the enemies start mobbing me. I'm just annoyed because for the past few rounds the angel who orders me around just tells me to go to the Nerve Tower over and over, rather than spicing it up by saying that he doesn't want to see my face or begging me to solve his personal problems. ^_^;....

I've never tried shooting Alice. I've shot Iraiza (Eliza?) before but I made sure not to save the game after that. I enjoyed her reaction but still, I'd rather kick Alice's ass than hers.


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Oct. 29th, 2005 02:40 am (UTC)
Volks ending it's contract with Frank really pissed me off. He is such a nice guy! But I guess business is business.

Restoredoll, they emailed me too and even though I'm not planning in any projects in the near future, I wonder how beneficial it would be for me know to go ahead and stock up. On second thought, I rather pay the higher price and order what I need. I have too much lying around as it is!
Oct. 29th, 2005 03:06 am (UTC)
I'm guessing Kathy'll raise the price of the hair about a dollar per two skein order, if she said 10-15 percent. If you don't have any immediate need it might not be worth it. I don't need much of excuse to buy doll hair, though. ^____^

The whole Volks deal caught me by surprise. I guess they want you to order from their online shop but what if you just want some 1/6 scale stuff? You'd have to pay EMS shipping. I know they don't guarantee replacement parts for SDs if you don't buy directly from them but if it's going to be this hard to get doll customizing supplies I'm going to have to stick with Obitsu. =_=

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