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Naked Boy Among the (Fake) Flowers.

Holy crap it is cold today! And this all happened overnight? It's a good thing Kristen has crocheted so many Homespun afghans over the years. They're nice when the chilly weather sets in.

I painted a doll last night. It was that white-skinned C body boy with the purple/blue mesh hair. His name is Endymion. And no, I didn't name him after the character in Sailor Moon. He has no right to call himself a man!

Then again, neither does this little boy. ^o^

I told you that the only way I could motivate myself to use this head again for a boy was if I did something weird to it! I rooted his hair similar to Kumi's (or Volks' Albert if you will), moving the front hairline back a quarter of an inch and rooting the bangs into the head last. It gave the hair nice lift in the crown and gives him the illusion of having a higher forehead but it was a pain to do!

He doesn't look quite human, so maybe it's okay for me to leave him nudy for a while. I have five more dolls to paint. I was in a hurry!

I've found out through various sources that the mystery characters in TOA have been identified as well as their voice actors. And here are my reactions:

Matsumoto Yasunori as Guy Cecil (blond-haired young man). Hrm hrm hrm....well, he's an legitimate seiyuu and that is good. He's been in a lot but to my discredit I've only heard him twice: as Louis Napoleon in Shin Captain Tsubasa where he was faking a French accent and was annoying as hell and as Anubis in Samurai Troopers where he was effing hilarious. I also heard him as Shuukaido in the PSME OVA but I can't remember what he sounded like. ^o^ Oh well. Not bad.

Neya Michiko as Natalia L. K. Lambardia.



Okay, so I've only heard her as Maria in SO3 (and a couple incomprehensible battle squawks as Emeralda in Xenogears. But man, her voice grated on me, I thought it was awful but what am I expecting from a video game? Uh...it's not that I haven't liked characters in spite of hating their voices before but I'm going to have to wait and see on this one. Mwah ha ha!


And Nakata Jouji is in this game. I think he's awesome. :D

I'll have to accept that no one in a Tales game is ever going to sound as good as Klarth. Before anyone says "Shut up, of course you would say that, Klarth-lover!" I have to point out that it was his voice that made me love him! O_O