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My parents went to Cape Cod this weekend. I don't know what they can do in Cape Cod during the fall but apparently my father has been waiting five years for this trip. Ah, but it's my MOTHER'S birthday. XD She really didn't want to go!

It's finally stopped raining over here but last night it came down so hard that the ceiling leaked in five different places. O_O Today is my big clean-up day. The lawn looks nice and green now, at least. But it's October! O_o

I'm going to have to take a break from rooting. I finished Kristen's huge Azone 06 head and also rooted an Obitsu 02 head with turquoise and sky blue hair for me. I dunno...I think the turquoise is more aqua than turquoise and the sky blue is more like robin's egg blue. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this doll. I think maybe I'll make her into some kind of dancer. I'm telling myself that unless I'm fully committed to making an outfit I should just repaint a doll for this two-week period. But which one? ^o^

I also finished Please Save My Earth while I was working. All twenty-one volumes! Now I'm sad. It's one of the only complete manga sets I have! Whatever series I pick up next I'm probably going to drive myself crazy not having all the volumes. ^o^;...I've bought volumes 1-3 of Fruits Basket. I don't know how many volumes are out now (has it ended yet?) but jpqueen has up to 17.

I saw the glimpses of two more characters from Tales of the Abyss. Kristen was looking over my shoulder and thought they were Suikoden 2 fanart. The guy looks like Sheena and the girl looks like Nina! I think the male character also looks like that guy from KareKano with the peroxided hair, the one who's mother was dating Shibahime's father? He had a collar with a skull on it. I don't remember his name. =_= Oh well, the guy is cute and even though I'm not into ladies the girl is cute as well. XD Maybe I'll like one of them if Jade turns out to be too much of an ass.

I didn't play much of Tales of Eternia this weekend. I lost Ras and Keel came back. I pretty much can't stand Keel but he reminds me of a friend or younger sibling that turns out to be a self-important prick and leaves you wondering if you did something wrong. ^_^;...Maybe I find it easier to accept him because he's not supposed to be likeable. Not at this point, at least.

I'm supposed to find Ifrit next but I'm messing around traveling from continent to continent and going to places I'm not supposed to. I met a fortune teller who was supposed to ask me a series of questions and tell my Elemental affiliation but five minutes later she was still asking questions and I ended up walking out. Mwah ha ha! Maybe I'll go back and play the trivia game. When Chelsea asks me questions about Klarth it makes me feel nostalgic. ^__^;

Sometimes I wonder if I should consider buying a Japanese copy of Tales of Destiny. But I hated that game, remember? I should look for a better place to spend my money.

I wonder if I'm the only Tales fan who hated TOD but liked TOD2. ^^;...